"I Need To Marry Many Women, 7 Wives Like My Grandfather" Comedian Chipukeezy.

“I Need To Marry 7 Wives Like My Grandfather” Comedian Chipukeezy.

Marriage is the start of a family and the lifetime responsibility between couples. When we talkof renowned comedian we can’t generally miss out to an opportunity to mention Vincent Muasya famously known as Chipukeezy.

As indicated by The Star news report on their tweeter account, talking on Instagram Live with Word, Chipukeezy has made public goals to marry seven wives. He said,

“I will be like my grandfather, he had seven wives. I have realised the qualities I want in a woman are many, I will need to have many. I want to have seven just like my grandfather. I understand him, it was hard to find the right qualities. I need to marry many women, seven wives.”