Vickmass Luodollar, the songwriter behind ‘Bank Otuch,’ now makes a living by selling Kahawa and mandazi. -

Vickmass Luodollar, the songwriter behind ‘Bank Otuch,’ now makes a living by selling Kahawa and mandazi.

Vickmass, a renowned Luo rapper, has found an unlikely source of income by selling kahawa and mandazi in rural areas. Despite his success as the hitmaker of the song ‘bank otuch,’ the artist has had a difficult career in the entertainment industry. However, he once collaborated with Kibra-based artist Octopizzo on a remix of the same song.

In a TikTok video, Vickmass can be seen hawking mandazi on the streets with a bucket. Despite his achievements, the rapper is not hesitant to take on this occupation. While other artists have requested public assistance during tough times, Vickmass has not made such a request. However, his current situation suggests that he may need help in the future.

Vickmass’ experience is not unique in the entertainment industry. Despite achieving success and recognition, many artists struggle financially and must seek alternative sources of income. In Vickmass’ case, hawking has become a way for him to make ends meet. This reality highlights the need for more support and resources for artists, especially those from marginalized communities.

Collaboration with other artists is not uncommon in the music industry. In fact, it is often a way for artists to showcase their talents and reach new audiences. Vickmass’ collaboration with Octopizzo is an example of this. Despite being from different regions, the two artists were able to work together and create something unique.

In conclusion, Vickmass’ story is a reminder of the challenges faced by artists, particularly those from marginalized communities. While hawking may be an unconventional way of making a living, it is a reality for many artists. More support and resources must be made available to help them thrive in their chosen fields. Additionally, collaborations between artists can help to promote unity and showcase their diverse talents.