Barkat Ali Manji Kinyozi making Ksh.30K daily from his mobile Barbershop in Nairobi Suburbs

Barkat Ali Manji has ingeniously capitalized on his barbering expertise amidst Kenya’s economic turmoil by introducing a savvy business concept.

Operating from a mobile van, Manji extends his barbering services to the doorsteps of various households across Nairobi, primarily catering to suburban areas, all for a reasonable fee of Ksh3,000 per session.

His venture has proven remarkably lucrative, with Manji divulging that he attends to a minimum of ten clients daily, resulting in an impressive daily income of Ksh30,000.

However, this entrepreneurial endeavor wasn’t initially on Manji’s radar until the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, which left numerous individuals unemployed. It was during this period that he turned to YouTube tutorials, meticulously studying the mechanics of establishing a mobile barbershop, subsequently mirroring the setup.

Manji’s client base boasts a diverse array of prominent figures, including politicians, celebrities, and business magnates, a testament to the quality and convenience of his services.

Reflecting on the genesis of his venture, Manji recalls being inspired by similar mobile barbershops in the UK while casually browsing YouTube with a friend. Recognizing the potential, he promptly seized the opportunity, embracing the associated risks wholeheartedly.

Despite encountering hurdles along the way, such as the daunting task of outfitting his van with water and electricity provisions, Manji remained undeterred, viewing each challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Navigating through Nairobi’s notorious traffic congestion presents another obstacle, often compelling Manji to operate on minimal sleep, sometimes resting for as little as four to five hours per day. Nonetheless, his unwavering commitment to his clientele’s satisfaction remains steadfast, ensuring timely appointments even at the crack of dawn.

The interior of Manji’s mobile salon exudes warmth and comfort, effectively immersing clients in a tranquil environment that belies the van’s mobile nature, a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and design.

Eminent personalities like politician William Kabogo and musician Otile Brown have embraced Manji’s innovative approach to barbering, further cementing his reputation as a trailblazer in the realm of mobile grooming services.