Lady Who Worked in Saudi Arabia for 10 Years Turns into a Beggar After Son Squandered Sh 1.4 Million

Immaculate Njeri’s narrative unfolds as a tale marked by sacrifice, betrayal, and unyielding resilience. A decade spent laboring in the Gulf was driven by the dream of returning to Kenya to savor the rewards of her hard work alongside her cherished children….CONTINUE READING

Regrettably, those dreams crumbled when she realized that the fruits of her labor were elusive after a decade of relentless dedication. In 2013, grappling with financial hardships, Njeri faced the heart-wrenching choice of leaving her two sons behind in Kenya while she sought employment in Dubai.

Over the course of two years in Dubai, three in Bahrain, and another three in Qatar, Njeri sent money back home diligently, entrusting her eldest son, Raphael, with the responsibility of managing their finances responsibly.

Despite the geographical distance, Njeri’s commitment to her children was unwavering. She ensured their well-being and education, envisioning a brighter future upon her eventual return. However, her hopes were shattered when she discovered that Raphael had betrayed her trust.

Her sacrifices and hard-earned money had been siphoned away, leaving her with nothing. The realization that her plans to secure land and build a home had been sabotaged left Njeri emotionally devastated. The betrayal not only took a toll on her finances but also left her without food or shelter, compelling her to rely on the kindness of others for survival.

In the face of her son’s actions, Njeri grappled with profound despair and a sense of abandonment. Yet, her spirit remained unbroken. Seeking solace in her faith and the support of her community, she refused to succumb to hopelessness. Now, with the prospect of employment abroad once again, Njeri glimpses a ray of hope for a brighter and more secure future.