“Girls Will Want Money From You And Not Your Stupid Love” Diamond Platnumz Advises Men -

“Girls Will Want Money From You And Not Your Stupid Love” Diamond Platnumz Advises Men

Tanzania’s bongo sensation Diamond Platnumz is advising men to focus on making money. According to him, money is what every woman is after and not true love.

He added that women show their true colors when a man fails to provide them with the things they are obsessed with.

“Once you are rich every girl will want money from you and not your stupid real love. Do a million things to her then get a little financial problem and delay to provide one of the things that she is obsessed with, then you will see her true color! Ndugu zangu tafuteni ela!” he said on Instagram.

His statement comes barely days after his ex-wife Zari Hassan advised women to cheat for the sake of money whenever they get chance to.

“Baby girl if you get a chance to cheat for money, then please do it. These men are cheating for stupid things like brown thighs, tongue rings, and big nyash. Cheat for a piece of land, cheat for your dream car…it is what it is,” she said.

Her statement attracted wild reactions forcing her to clarify what she meant. According to her, she meant that women should cheat to revenge on their unfaithful partners especially for financial benefits.

“You misunderstood me. I didn’t encourage your women to cheat. Let me interpret. I said if your man cheats on you for petty reasons, and you get a chance to cheat on him for financial benefit, for example, for a car or a house. Why not? It is 2023 and women are woke. You are cheating because of petty things like big behind.. Then why can’t I cheat to get wealth material like a car. We (women) always forgive. So if you find your woman cheating understand and forgive them,” she said,” Zari  said.