“I do this for my Mom, Dad is dead” – Boy Working as Bricklayer , Says He is Doing it to Support His Mom

Victor Duru , a young boy who went viral for crying while working as a bricklayer on a construction site, has shared his story. He explained that he is supporting his mother as he does not have a father. Despite only seeing his mother once a year in December, the boy expressed his desire to return to school someday. The story of Kamorudeen has melted the hearts of many, and a poster named Lukman Samsudeen shared more details about the boy, encouraging people to help him attend school.

On social media, many people related to Kamorudeen’s story and shared their own experiences. Abisoye, who was once an apprentice bricklayer, empathized with the boy’s pain, but he is now the boss of his own business. Berrymanny2 criticized Lukman for not taking action to help Kamorudeen, while Pes/fifa hub shared his own story of overcoming a similar situation.

In a different story, a woman named Ada Uzoigwe Mbajekwe narrated how a mother advised her 18-year-old daughter to have an affair with her married boss. The mother worked as a nanny for a wealthy couple in Lekki, Lagos state. She sent her daughter to seduce her employer to make a place for herself in the house. The plan worked, and the boss and the daughter started an affair. He took her as his second wife after she fell pregnant. Ada shared this story as an example of the kind of difficult situations she has seen in life.

Overall, these stories show the challenges that people face in Nigeria and the ways they try to overcome them. While some people like Kamorudeen face challenges related to poverty and lack of access to education, others like the mother in Ada’s story resort to extreme measures to improve their situation.