” He Cheated on Me” Heartbroken Wanjih Kihii Dumps New Boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy! -

” He Cheated on Me” Heartbroken Wanjih Kihii Dumps New Boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy!

It appears that the relationship between Wanjih Kihii and Stevo Simple Boy has taken yet another unfortunate turn, leaving both parties in a state of disappointment. Their romance, which has lasted for less than a month, seems to have hit another rough patch.

In an interview conducted by Nicholas Kioko, Wanjih Kihii emphasized that her connection with Stevo was rooted in genuine love and sincere intentions, dispelling any notions of them seeking attention or fame. She believed that Stevo embodied the qualities she desired in a partner, which had initially drawn her to him.

Her deep affection for the enigmatic musician inspired her to create a touching and heartfelt dedication song in his honor. Through this song, she bared her soul and conveyed her profound emotions for Simple Boy.

However, the situation took a disheartening turn when Stevo allegedly betrayed her trust by engaging with other women. Wanjih Kihii expressed her disappointment, asserting that Stevo was well aware of their relationship, yet he continued to publicly flirt with other women on social media. She was left heartbroken when she discovered that Simple Boy had openly confessed his affection for someone else, namely Kajala.

As a result of these developments, Wanjih Kihii has come to view her current relationship with Simple Boy as a mere existence rather than a thriving partnership. Mentally, it appears she has already moved on from the relationship, as Stevo’s actions have deeply wounded her and left her emotionally scarred.