” Mtoto Alikuwa Ananifana Kila Kitu, Apart From Kunyamba ya Mamake” How CMB Prezzo Learned He Had A Baby With A Certain Lady.

Kenya’s music industry has been graced by the presence of numerous legendary artists, and Prezzo is undoubtedly one of them. Recently, Prezzo found himself in the spotlight for a rather unexpected reason—discovering he had a child with a woman he barely remembered. In a candid interview, Prezzo recounted the surprising turn of events that led him to acknowledge and embrace his newfound fatherhood.

According to Prezzo, his life took an unexpected twist when he was approached by an unfamiliar woman who claimed to be the mother of his child. This revelation left him bewildered and intrigued, prompting him to inquire further. To his astonishment, he met his daughter, who bore an uncanny resemblance to him. It was an undeniable connection, albeit one detail that set her apart—her propensity for farting, a trait she evidently inherited from her mother.

Despite the initial shock, Prezzo displayed a commendable sense of responsibility and commitment. He decided to step up as a father and take full responsibility for his daughter, Dina. However, he couldn’t help but express his disappointment that Dina’s mother had given birth in what he considered a less prestigious healthcare facility. Prezzo, known for his affluence, remarked that he would have readily facilitated the birth in a high-end hospital like Karen or Nairobi Hospital, or even considered medical options abroad in countries renowned for advanced healthcare, such as India. In any case, Prezzo made it clear that he was fully embracing his role as a father and would be there for Dina.

In conclusion, Prezzo’s unexpected journey into fatherhood serves as a reminder that life can take unpredictable turns. His willingness to acknowledge and support his daughter demonstrates a sense of responsibility and commitment that is commendable. While his initial surprise and disappointment may have colored his reaction, the overarching message is one of a father’s love and dedication to his child, no matter the circumstances of their arrival into his life.