Krg The Don:Man Earning Ksh.100K huyo Ni Maskini Hafai KuDate.

Krg the Don, a well-known and controversial figure in Kenya’s entertainment scene, recently stirred up controversy with his outspoken views on men earning a monthly salary of Ksh. 100,000. The dancehall artist shared his perspective during a candid street quiz session with popular TikToker Kingbizzy.

During the exchange, Kingbizzy posed a seemingly simple question to Krg the Don: What should be the monthly earnings of a man earning Ksh. 100,000 for a harmonious relationship? In response, Krg the Don swiftly and sharply expressed disbelief at the idea of a man being content with such a modest income. He went on to question the ambition of individuals earning at this level, suggesting that such earnings reflected a lack of drive and a notable degree of laziness.

According to Krg the Don, men earning Ksh. 100,000 per month are ill-suited for romantic involvement and should refrain from pursuing relationships. He argued that this income is inadequate to support a partner, emphasizing that it would barely cover a week’s worth of expenses. Krg the Don urged men to aspire to higher financial goals, suggesting that a monthly income of 100K should be directed towards more substantial investments, such as utility tokens, given the challenging economic climate.

This statement from Krg the Don is undeniably provocative, particularly in light of recent research conducted by a specific organization. The study revealed that less than 100,000 individuals in Kenya are fortunate enough to earn a monthly salary of Ksh. 100,000, highlighting that the majority of employees fall below this benchmark.