“Mukurino muitu”- Martha Mwihaki Badly Exposes Martin Janet; Labels Him A Hungry Skirt Chaser and Deadbeat Dad.

Popular female tea master cum street sanitizer, Martha Mwihaki Hinga has come out exposing gospel musician, Martin Janet for his alleged dirty deeds.

Mwihaki in a long post blasted Martin saying that he has been spotted chasing multiple women despite being married.

Read the full juice;

Martin wa Janet! Infront of you Ladies and gentlemen is Mukurinu múitu, Father Abraham the second and a Vito Joto consumer!Martin married her first wife who was aged 16 a while ago,the young girl had just cleared form 1 heading to form 2,he spotted her from a kesha and after the Kesha,he straight away from a prayer war took her to a crime of scene you know to do what.

Immediately after impregnating the girl,he started their kawaida games and brought in other women led by Nominated MCA Wangari wa Kigo,Nelly wa Mummy, the Urethra broker and Jordan’s daughter Wairimu who finally wrecked that marriage and none of them was successfully married.Martin’s first or second car was a silver Vitz that he pimped with these Subaru boys tyres,zile zinatoshana za tractor.

That car was a moving whore machine, I actually remember at one point one of his fellow artist was called by some soldier at Rainbow Resort to warn him of not misusing the parking by eating humans from within, guess who was nabbed that day,Nelly the Honey pot middleman.

How they both fitted in that small Vitz I have no idea.Whoever bought that car is most likely not alive.When this guy lived in Kirigiti he dispersed more than 5 seeds successfully to some of his neighbors,kina Keziah,Shiru,Josy and others.If you go to FIDA offices in Kiambu and search for Martin’s name you are most likely going to find multiple responses because Janet’s name is in the blacklist of top deadbeats.

This one almost led the young wife to suicide until some of us came through for her, Martin had a house girl who at one time ate each other on their matrimonial bed and used Napii zile za kitambo za watoto kukausha tarimbo alafu ikarushwa chini ya kitanda .

The wife then was just 2 weeks post pregnancy.Guys,this one is the one who brings you a gospel show called githima kia muoyo, I now get the reason why he had to call that show githima,for a man who carelessly drills every borehole he sees I am not surprised.I no longer listen to some of these shows and I don’t think I ever will.

Early last year,they had an issue with the current wife after she nabbed her in the apartment they live with a 21 year old girl mwenye anakaa 2nd Floor.The kid they have together might actually belong to DJ Agano,they need to confirm this by the way.