BODA boda rider killed over suspicion that he was chewing pastor's wife -

BODA boda rider killed over suspicion that he was chewing pastor’s wife

In Kumbatha village, located in Suba South constituency, a tragic incident occurred involving the death of a 38-year-old boda boda rider. The cause of this unfortunate event was purportedly linked to a love affair between the deceased and the wife of a local cleric.

According to Andrew Ombisa, the chief of the village, it is believed that the deceased had been involved with the priest’s wife for some time. Whenever the priest left for prayer, the deceased would allegedly enter their home and engage in a romantic relationship with the wife.

Last Sunday, the deceased was caught in the act with the cleric’s wife when the priest unexpectedly returned home. This led to the pastor making distress calls to some neighbors who quickly alerted others in the community. They swiftly gathered at the scene and proceeded to attack and kill the boda boda operator, using crude weapons.

According to a witness, the enraged townspeople encircled the man within the house, where he ultimately succumbed to the violent assault. Chief Ombisa confirmed that the boda boda rider was killed on the priest’s premises and his body was later placed near the fence of Kumbatha Primary School.

The incident has been reported to the Magunga police station for further investigation. Sebastian Okiring, the DCC for Suba, stated that they are actively seeking potential suspects involved in the mob justice. He also appealed to the local community for any information regarding the whereabouts of the pastor and his wife.

Following the murder incident, the priest, his wife, and their children have fled their home. The authorities are currently attempting to locate them.