A man as is just a dick and Masculinity, nothing more-Slayqueen Karen Nyamu Claims
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Karen Nyamu- A man as is just a dick and Masculinity, nothing more

Top political slayqueen the tired and wasted Karen Nyamu penned a strong statement to ladies, prompting them always protect their men’s ego no matter what.

As indicated by the mother of two, a lady should never risk her man’s ego as punishment regardless what happens between them; contending that all a man has is his “Manhood and their Masculinity”.

“Ladies a Smart Woman protects her Man’s ego. Your Man’s ego should never be put on the line as a punishment.

All a man has is their Manhood and their Masculinity. Try not to humiliate him by using groveling as a punishment.Find a punishment that will not get him scorned on the grounds that Woii my Man.

Leave him alone known out there for his bravery, his boldness as his most lowest if you may” Karen Nyamu’s recommendation to fellow ladies.

Karen is wading on a new tempest in which she was blamed for using her round nyash and charm to confound Samidoh, a poor police constable and Mugithi maestro almost destroying his life, the two have a kid together!