Kenyan celebrities who made millions of shillings but ended up broke

The showbiz industry in Kenya has witnessed numerous celebrities who have enjoyed successful careers and earned millions of shillings, only to lose their fortunes and end up broke. This essay examines some of these celebrities.

One of these celebrities is Dennis Oliech, a celebrated Kenyan footballer who spent most of his career playing in the French top division. Oliech,

who was known for his love for partying with fellow celebrities and driving around town in top-of-the-range cars, hit the headlines in 2021 after it emerged that he had gone broke. He revealed that he had spent Sh124 million to treat his late mother and a lot of money seeking treatment for his brother Kevin Oliech, who succumbed to cancer in August 2020. Oliech sold most of his properties, and a project he had started for his mother had stalled.

Another celebrity who has fallen on hard times is Colonel Mustafa, a musician who was once a member of Ogopa Deejays, a renowned music production and record label company. He has since been captured in a viral video working at a construction site. Colonel Mustafa attributed his predicament to lack of funds for his mother’s cancer treatment. He had a successful career, having formed the boy group Deux Vultures with his childhood friend Nasty Thomas and released a number of big hits, including Katika.

Magix Enga, a music producer known for producing hit songs, has also fallen on hard times. He admitted to battling depression and claimed that most of the people he assisted in producing songs never paid him, despite them making millions of shillings from the songs. He also claimed to have joined illuminati, which resulted in many musicians and brands shunning him.

Omosh, a former Tahidi High actor, also hit the headlines after publicly admitting that he had fallen on hard times. He received financial assistance from well-wishers, including a three-bedroom house in Malaa. However, it emerged that he was a well-paid actor who mismanaged his finances.

In conclusion, the fast-paced lifestyles of celebrities in Kenya often result in the mismanagement of their finances, leading to their downfall.