SHOCK! Woman in Tigania West Castrates Form 4 boy For Having S3*X With her Form 2 Daughter

Sad news in Tigania West after a mother who has been against a relationship between two teenagers and high school lovers.One been her daughter who was a form2 student and a form4 boy . The two come from the same area but the mother is giving none of it a chance….CONTINUE READING

The shocking incident happened on Saturday during the evening hours.The mother to the daughter had rumors that her daughter was seen with the said boy after school heading to his house thus comfroted the daughter about it who in return bowed to her mother’s pressure and told him everything that happened.

On hearing that they had some good time the mother went to the boy house about the same.The boy told the mother that he was okey being the boyfriend but the mother was giving none of that,saying that he was destroying his daughters futher.The mother Jumped to the boys middle leg and chopped it,the said boy is currently fighting for his life in hospital after heavy bleeding.