Kingang’i: Wanaume Before ulipe hiyo dowry,uliza Watu wa boda boda maybe Ni mali ya Mbogii

In a delightfully unconventional piece of relationship guidance, Mwalimu King’ang’i, co-host at Classic 105, has playfully suggested that men intending to embark on a serious relationship should consider seeking advice from boda boda riders for valuable insights into their potential life partners.

During the ‘Kasheshe’ segment on Classic 105’s morning show, King’ang’i humorously proposed involving boda boda riders in the decision-making process before proceeding with traditional dowry ceremonies.

According to him, these riders, well-versed in the pulse of the community, possess valuable information about individuals, especially women.

“Before venturing into the villages with dowry, consult boda boda riders. They are acquainted with these women. If you pass by and bring a crate of soda and bananas, boda boda riders know where they take them,” King’ang’i remarked.

The advice, acknowledged by his co-presenter Maina, emphasizes the notion that boda boda riders are familiar with the social dynamics and relationships within the community.

King’ang’i playfully encouraged individuals not to hastily commit without first consulting these riders, illustrating his point with humorous anecdotes of boda boda riders being privy to specific relationships and their unfolding developments.

“Before you pretend to commit, ask these motorcycle guys. They know them. Wasn’t this one with Richard? Just the other day, we took her to Roba’s, they know them. And even this morning, she woke up at Martin’s. And the way she’s acting, it’s like this girl is on fire,” he added.