King of Lions: Tiktoker Auka Got Ksh. 625,000 Via Tiktok Gifts on His Birthday.

TikTok is undeniably becoming a lucrative social media platform in Kenya, captivating Kenyans and profoundly impacting the lives of many young individuals who have discovered avenues for earning on the platform.

The coveted lion gift has emerged as a symbol of prestige within Kenya’s TikTok community, with numerous content creators being honored with this esteemed recognition. Among them stands Auka, hailed as the Prime Minister of Kenyan TikTok. Renowned for his amiable persona and minimal involvement in controversies, Auka has garnered immense affection from his followers, culminating in a heartwarming surprise on his birthday.

In a remarkable display of admiration, Auka’s supporters flooded him with gifts within a mere hour, showering him with over 30 lion gifts, 5 universe gifts, and an array of other tokens such as roses and whales.

Auka’s birthday celebration showcased the remarkable generosity of Kenyan TikTok users, with the value of these gifts translating into substantial financial gains. Presently, a single lion gift on TikTok in Kenya is estimated at Ksh. 17,000, while a universe gift amounts to approximately Ksh. 23,000, factoring in transaction costs and TikTok’s share.

Consequently, Auka accrued Ksh. 510,000 from lion gifts and Ksh. 115,000 from universe gifts, totaling an estimated Ksh. 625,000. Notably, this sum excludes the value of other gifts received, indicating that Auka’s birthday was indeed a testament to the overwhelming support and generosity of the Kenyan TikTok community.