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KRG Accepts Challenge To Fight Andrew Kibe In A Ring Boxing Match

Kenyan media personality Andrew Kibe and dancehall artist KRG the Don have set the stage for an electrifying showdown, scheduled to unfold within the confines of a boxing ring.

The genesis of this impending clash stemmed from a challenge issued by Andrew Kibe himself. In a video disseminated across social media platforms, Kibe summoned KRG to partake in a pugilistic duel, stipulating a month-long training regimen before the fateful rendezvous within the ring.

The stakes have been set, with Kibe proclaiming that the victor shall lay claim to a substantial prize of Ksh 1 million, while the defeated party shall be implored to embrace silence and accord due respect to their conqueror henceforth.

For Kibe, this match serves as a litmus test to ascertain the epitome of strength between himself and the musical maestro.

In a swift response to the challenge, KRG eagerly accepted, setting sights on an August showdown and extending the courtesy of selecting a suitable date, particularly during a period of school closures, ensuring undivided focus on the impending confrontation.

Expressing unwavering readiness for the imminent bout, KRG’s anticipation for the showdown is palpable.

The two adversaries found themselves in a rare face-to-face encounter back in February, following a prolonged period of animosity manifested primarily through the digital realm. Their rendezvous, shrouded in secrecy at an undisclosed location in Nairobi, bore witness to the presence of MP Babu Owino.

However, the dissemination of videos from this encounter by KRG subsequently disappointed many, who had anticipated a resolution to their differences through physical combat.

In a revealing interview, KRG shed light on the genesis of their feud, attributing it to Kibe’s penchant for targeting individuals who fulfill familial responsibilities—a trait that KRG perceives to be lacking in Kibe himself.

With anticipation mounting among fans, the impending showdown promises to deliver an answer to the burning question of who shall emerge victorious.