MARTHA KARUA is regretting debating RIGATHI GACHAGUA – RUTO allied MP says and dismisses claims he had ‘Mwakenya’

A vocal United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Member of Parliament, has said Azimio’s running mate Martha Karua is regretting why she decided to debate with Kenya Kwanza Alliance’s running mate, Rigathi Gachagua, during the Deputy President debate held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa on Tuesday night.

During the debate, Gachagua dusted Martha Karua, who seemed dull and unsettled.

Both Azimio and Kenya Kwanza allies concurred that Gachagua, who is Deputy President William Ruto’s running mate, performed better compared to expected.

Remarking on a similar issue, Kandara Member of Parliament Alice Wahome, who showed up on Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday, lauded Gachagua for teaching Martha Karua a thing or two during the lively debate.

Wahome said however numerous Kenyans said Gachagua ‘cheated’ during the debate when he produced a piece of paper normally known as Mwakenya from his pocket, he was just alluding to a Kenya Gazette Notice.

“Gachagua did not have a Mwakenya, he referred to the Kenya Gazette which is a public paper. Martha Karua must be regretting debating Gachagua,” Wahome who is a close ally of Ruto said.