KRG The Don: Cassy Pool Hauna Heshima, Mwehu wewe!

Renowned musician KRG The Don has dedicated every moment and spared no effort in retaliating against Cassy Pool.

According to KRG The Don’s social media accounts, he accuses Cassy Pool of disrespecting him shortly after a recent encounter.

Reportedly, last weekend, KRG coincidentally encountered Cassy Pool when it was about to rain and generously offered him a ride. In addition to the lift, KRG also handed Cassy Pool Ksh 50,000 to support his financially struggling family.

Despite this act of charity, Cassy Pool proceeded to mock KRG on social media, criticizing his lifestyle and possessions.

In response to Cassy Pool’s alleged comments, the Mambo Imechemka artist took to his social media handle to vehemently criticize the 2022 Presidential aspirant.

“I have witnessed various aspects of life, encountered people with no regard for the world, but Cassy Pool is an unprecedented creature. Cassy Pool, you are a vile being in this world. You lack respect! Shameful!” expressed KRG The Don.

Showcasing his lavish modern Range Rovers, he urged Cassy Pool to show respect to nationally recognized music artists. Under his real name, Stephen Karuga, he illustrated how he compensates individuals responsible for washing his high-end Range Rovers. According to KRG, these workers are paid in dollars for their services after completing the task.