Manzi wa Kibera’s Husband breaks silence after reports of Fathering Her Unborn Child

Kenyan socialite, video vixen, and social media influencer known as Manzi wa Kibera has once again found herself in the spotlight, shortly after announcing her pregnancy with her 67-year-old husband. The couple shared their delightful news through a heartfelt video on social media, joyfully dancing and exuding excitement as they anticipate their impending journey into parenthood.

In subsequent photos, her husband tenderly cradled her growing baby bump, eliciting warm congratulations from their social media followers. However, a recent interview took an unexpected turn when Manzi wa Kibera’s husband, Nzioki, expressed doubt, asserting that he does not believe he is the father of the unborn child.

Nzioki declared, “Mimba si yangu” (“The pregnancy is not mine”), accusing his wife of playing games and insinuating the possibility of an affair leading to her pregnancy. Their relationship, which has been marked by turbulence, has faced various ups and downs, with some of their supporters accusing them of seeking attention.

Back in June, Mzee, as he is commonly referred to, publicly accused the vixen of theft. During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, he revealed that Manzi wa Kibera had betrayed him, leaving him in a state of despair. His efforts to reconcile proved futile, and he lamented that she had disappeared with his title deed, intensifying his distress.

In May, Manzi wa Kibera had previously announced a breakup with Mzee, attributing it to the constant criticism they faced due to their significant age difference. The 22-year-old also alleged infidelity on Mzee’s part, claiming she discovered his unfaithfulness by going through his phone. Despite these challenges, they eventually reconciled, with Manzi wa Kibera expressing remorse for the ordeal and acknowledging the strain their relationship had endured.

In the midst of this ongoing drama, many fans are left questioning the authenticity of the pregnancy, wondering whether it represents a genuine development or yet another elaborate social media spectacle orchestrated by the controversial couple.