Shock as RAILA is involved in a sex scandal with a presidential hopeful – Look! IDA will be very disappointed with BABA over his insatiable appetite for beautiful ladies.

Presidential wannbe Nazlin Umar has revealed an outrage involving her and Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

Talking during an interview with a local FM station, Nazlin shockingly claimed that her political problems are a consequence of her declining sexual advances from Raila Odinga.

She described how her cozy relationship with Raila almost caused a rift between him and Ida Odinga.

Nazlin, who was once a member of ODM, reviewed how one day Raila warned her not to receive him during a visit to South Korea since he was in the company of his wife Mama Ida.

“Do not come to the hall to receive me, don’t come to the hall to receive me because madam (Mama Ida) will be with me,” Nazlin recalled Raila telling on the phone.

Nazlin asked why the ODM pioneer had not wife his significant other that she was taking him to Korea for a peace meeting.

As indicated by Umar, that incident denoted the start of her aftermath with Raila.

“That is where my nightmare started, Raila’s interest in me and my objecting to that or fighting him off is what has caused him to prosecute me until today, I have been arrested, detained even my range rovers have been confiscated,” Nazlin alleged.

Nazlin uncovered that the ODM leader was behind the move by IEBC to lock her out of the 2017 presidential elections on the ground that she was not a registered voter.

As indicated by her, the fallout with Raila has seen her being shut out from political space totally.

Nazlin, who has proclaimed her presidential ambition through an independent ticket, further claimed that there are plans by the Deep State to frustrate her candidature ahead of the August polls.