”Bangi Na Jaba zilifanya Unakaa Scarecrow tu!” kenyans Bash Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze.

The artist known for the hit song “Kaveve Kazoze,” Ngesh, recently found herself embroiled in a heated dispute with one of her fans who chose to criticize her, alleging that she resembled a drug addict.

Ngesh had shared a post on her official Instagram page that received positive engagement, but a segment of her fans opted to express their disapproval. One fan took it upon themselves to assert that she did not exude a feminine appearance.

This critic advised Ngesh to adopt a more respectable demeanor, suggesting that her use of substances like marijuana and miraa contributed to her not appearing like a conventional lady or “baby girl.” The fan went as far as comparing Ngesh to a scarecrow due to her smoking habits, urging her to abandon such practices and present herself in a more genteel manner like other girls.

Ngesh noticed the comment and chose to respond with positivity. She confidently asserted that she is superior to the fan who criticized her, maintaining a good-natured demeanor.

However, the situation escalated when the conversation was shared on Nairobi Gossip Club’s Instagram page stories. Another fan sided with the initial critic, affirming that Ngesh indeed indulges in hard drugs and encouraging her to quit such habits to behave more like a typical lady.

This incident follows Ngesh and her crew opening up about their financial struggles, urging support from Kenyans. They expressed disappointment with individuals who had promised assistance but failed to deliver, alleging that they were being exploited for fame.