6 reasons your vagina smells ‘bad’.

At times you might fell a weird smell coming from a ladies vagina and wonder what might be wrong with the honey pot.

Below are some of the common reasons as to why your vagina smells weird.


Ladies love being fancy down there but the silk, satin and polyester panties can make a vagina smell bad.

The panties do not allow air to circulate around the vagina andd may affect bacteria levels in the vagina.


Most STI’s can cause an awful smell including the yeast infection.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

This is an infection of the urinary system.

If this is the case, you should seek immediate treatment and use antibiotics recommended by your gynecologist.

Forgotten TAMPONS in the vagina.

Randomly, 20% of the ladies who use Tampons forget to remove them.

This can be a reason as to why you have an obviously unpleasant smell down there.If tampons are left unremoved, they can cause serious infections to the vagina.

It is recommended that you wash your hands while removing the string or visit your doctor.


Your periods can also be a cause.

During this period, ladies pH levels change. You can wash your vulva with unscented soap for quick results.

Additionally, hormonal changes during menopause and post menopause years can be a cause due to the hormonal changes.