Azziad: I made millions at 19 years after ‘Utawezana’ challenge

Azziad Nasenya, a well-known content creator, recently participated in an event organized by the Sanaa Academy and shared her journey of financial success in the world of content creation. She candidly recounted her initial breakthrough in this industry, which surprisingly came from a viral video challenge featuring the song ‘Utawezana.’

This viral video quickly captured the internet’s attention, and within just one month, Azziad found herself the recipient of a substantial sum of Ksh. 200,000. At the tender age of 19, she was amazed at the significant income she had generated from a single video. Azziad’s success story extends far beyond this one viral moment, as she has continued to thrive in the realm of content creation.

Reflecting on that pivotal moment, she remarked, “That was the first money I ever made. I got 200,000 a month after the viral video. One video? I was surprised at that huge amount of money.” Her narrative of triumph serves as an inspiration to countless young individuals aspiring to embark on their own journeys in content creation.

When questioned about her meteoric rise to fame and whether she was prepared for it, Azziad confidently affirmed her readiness. She noted, “I was prepared. That is why I got a manager very early, and I still had my other things going.” This proactive approach to managing her career set her apart from the ephemeral fame experienced by others, such as the infamous ‘Githeri man.’

She emphasized the distinction, stating, “The difference between me and Githeri Man is that I was prepared for fame. Fame is something we knew was coming.” Azziad Nasenya also championed the idea of understanding one’s own value and setting appropriate rates. She stressed the importance of receiving fair compensation for one’s work, asserting that if an individual priced their services at a million shillings and could justify it, they should receive that payment without hesitation.

Furthermore, Azziad revealed that she had faced body shaming when people compared her old photos to her current ones. However, she chose to retain these older images as a reminder of her personal journey towards self-improvement. She highlighted the tendency for individuals to want to associate with celebrities only once they have achieved success, neglecting the challenging path that precedes it. Azziad’s story embodies the power of preparation, self-worth, and resilience in the realm of content creation, serving as an inspiration for those with similar aspirations.