Pritty Vishy Finally Reacts to News of Stevo Simple Boy’s Wife Falling Pregnant to another Man, “He Cheated on Me with Her.”

Kenyan influencer Pritty Vishy, known for her candid insights, recently addressed the tumultuous situation surrounding Stevo Simple Boy and his wife, Grace Atieno. News surfaced about Grace’s pregnancy, allegedly not by Stevo, triggering a cascade of revelations and emotions within their relationship.

Sources close to the couple disclosed that Stevo, the beloved “Freshi Barida” crooner, has been battling depression following the revelation of his wife’s pregnancy. In a leaked audio clip, Stevo expressed his shock, stating that he and Grace were estranged after his father’s funeral, only for her to return pregnant.

Taking to Instagram, Pritty Vishy shed light on the situation, citing her awareness through mutual connections. She disclosed Stevo’s alleged infidelity during their relationship, suggesting a karmic turn of events for him.

The digital content creator didn’t mince words, accusing Grace of opportunism, claiming she entered a relationship with Stevo under the presumption of his wealth. Vishy asserted that Grace’s plans unraveled when Stevo’s financial reality came to light, prompting her to seek solace elsewhere, leading to her pregnancy by another man.

Vishy hinted at more revelations to come, signaling a continuation of the unfolding saga.