“Nilikuwa Nangoja Mzee Akufe Nidate Kijana Mdogo Kama Bahati” Manzi wa Kibera Says.

Renowned and often controversial Kenyan socialite and celebrity, Manzi wa Kibera, also known as Wambo, recently shared her future aspirations, revealing the significant influence of Diana Marua and her husband, Kevin Bahati, on her life.

During an interview with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, Manzi wa Kibera, who is currently in a relationship with a 66-year-old man, expressed her unconventional plan. She mentioned that she is biding her time with her current partner and intends to seek out a younger man like Bahati once her older partner is no longer in the picture.

“I’m giving this old man time. Once he’s gone, I’ll look for a young man like Bahati,” Manzi wa Kibera said.

She further elaborated that her role model is Diana Marua and that she plans to emulate Marua’s lifestyle. Manzi wa Kibera aims to follow in the footsteps of Diana Marua and Bahati until she achieves similar success.

Regarding her approach to funding her lifestyle, Manzi wa Kibera pointed to her fame and physical appearance, which she believes are key to her success. She confidently stated that her curvy body makes it easier to attract financial opportunities. She remains optimistic about her journey to success and aspires to eventually enjoy a luxurious life like Bahati and Diana Marua.