Jackie Matubia: I almost killed my Daughter due to Online bullying

Kenyan content creator and actress, Jackie Matubia, bravely shared the harrowing experience of her first marriage, revealing how it pushed her to the brink of taking her own life and that of her daughter’s. Speaking in an online media interview, Jackie disclosed that the ordeal of online harassment began during her initial marriage.

It all began with her ex-husband’s uncle, who started sharing personal details about her on social media platforms. The relentless exposure led to a barrage of bullying directed at Jackie, particularly stemming from her role in the popular show, Tahidi High.

Recalling one painful incident, Matubia recounted how she confronted another woman over her ex-husband’s infidelity at a social gathering following a friend’s traditional wedding. “People had no restraint during those moments. I was bombarded with messages and photos of other women with my husband,” she recounted.

However, as Jackie endured these trials, she gradually developed resilience and realized that her purpose wasn’t to seek validation from others. Despite societal pressure and the desire to avoid repeating her mother’s mistakes, Jackie made the courageous decision to leave her first marriage and eventually remarried.

Expressing the depths of her despair, Jackie revealed a chilling moment when she contemplated ending her life and that of her child due to the overwhelming bullying she faced.

In her upcoming project, a Kenyan telenovela series titled ‘Toxic,’ slated for release on April 17, 2024, Jackie aims to shed light on toxic behaviors prevalent in relationships. Collaborating with the late Charles Ouda, who penned the script for the initial four episodes before his passing in February, the series promises to delve into the complexities of toxic dynamics within intimate relationships.