“Kama Ndio Itafanya Nipate Amani Wacha Waoane”, Mother Approves Her Husband Marrying Their Own Daughter.

A mother has narrated the pain she felt after finding out her daughter was sleeping with her husband and ended up giving birth.

The disappointed mother halfheartedly accepted the union results, forgave her husband, and agreed to live with her daughter as a co-wife.

According to the article, the mother was very hurt and asked for a divorce, but she got the idea that this would not solve things and instead would put the seed of enmity between them, let alone welcome the devil into the family.

“She wanted to send her husband to jail for forcing their daughter to sleep with him and have a child with him but she realized that was not the solution,” Afrimax reported.

The daughter also regretted making love with her father but that regret could not change the position and the truth of the events that she had given birth to a child with the father.

“After the mother came back, she realized that it was her mistake to leave her husband for a long time, which caused her daughter’s feelings of sexuality.

Then he decided to forgive and now they all live a good life as a polygamous family,” the article said.

Despite the challenges of the photos that insulted the family, they decided to bury their differences and come together to agree with what happened because they always said that the bed does not give birth to illegitimacy.

Either way, punishment or even jail time does not make a person good, but regretting and admitting mistakes and asking for forgiveness from the bottom of the heart does.