Samidoh Blasts a Fan Who said He Was Against Artist Waithaka Wa Jane Success -

Samidoh Blasts a Fan Who said He Was Against Artist Waithaka Wa Jane Success

Popular Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki has blasted a fan who claimed he was against the success of fellow Mugithi artist Waithaka wa Jane.

This comes after popular artist JB Maina went to court ready to sue three upcoming artists for sampling his songs.

JB Maina has sued three Mugiithi artistes, Waithaka Wa Jane, Tonny Young and Kamwana Wa Jane over copyright claims.

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Speaking to his fans, Waithaka Wa Jane claimed that JB Maina was not the one who came with the idea of a lawsuit but he was influenced by other artists in the industry who are jealous of his success.

“We are not the only artistes who sing other people’s songs. All artites do that and it is because our fans ask for their songs. I know this is a fight that will go on. I am ready to fight the battle.”

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Although Waithaka Wa Jane did not share the name of the artists, fans started tagging Samidoh Muchoki claiming that he was behind the lawsuit since he is afraid Waithaka Wa Jane will dethrone him.

” But who do you think is against Waithaka Wa Jane’s Success? Kama si Samidoh ni nani?” One fan asked.

The accusation did not sit well with Samidoh who blasted the fan by calling him a small boy and asked him to keep his name out of his mouth.

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” Young boy, keep my name out of your mouth please.”