Keziah Wa kariuki Was Not Kiengei's Goat Wife; He Didn't Pay The Dowry

Keziah Wa kariuki Was Not Kiengei’s Goat Wife; He Didn’t Pay The Dowry.

Details emerging imply that Kiengei had not paid Keziah’s dowry better known as ‘Ruracio’ in the Kikuyu community.

According to the communitie’s customs, a lady can not get married to another man if her first husband had paid the dowry unless the same is returned to the family of the first husband.

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A source close to Keziah in an interview with us revealed that Kiengei had not paid a dime to Keziah’s family.

“He had not gone to meet the parents for Ruracio. Now since their was no dowry paid, Keziah was free to get married to her new man,” the source said.

The customs limits one to get married or marry in cases of divorce if payments were made for the first marriage.

Keziah previously introduced her new man and the two have already been officially engaged following the Agikuyu customs.

Our attempts to get a response from Kiengei’s siddw bore no fruits. Whether he will come out to claim that he had paid the dowry, only time will tell.

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