My husband has moved to another room and left me the master bedroom!

I am 27 years old and have been married for about one year now but for the last few months he has been spending nights in his own room within our house.

I can confess that he is so kind, caring, handsome and a very humble man who has been taking care of me all through our marriage life. He is the type of man most ladies would like to get married to but am no longer comfortable with him staying in another room while I remained in our master bedroom. he is very kind and lovely, he has never allowed me to enter his room when I feel like making love with him. It had reached a point I wanted to look for a Mpango who can be cooling me down whenever I am hot.

He has done this to me for some time now and am nolonger comfortable with him. I can swear. I have occasionally tried to nudge him into lovemaking by triggering a fight but he seems to care less.

Anytime I make sexual advances towards him, he would find an excuse to push me aside. He is very funny and rich, he provides all I need including taking me for an out but very defensive when I ask for love.

Most of the times when I stop talking to him because of his strange character, he would keep on begging me to the extent that he even bought a brand new car for me just for me to forgive him promising he would tell me what is happening later. I had once tried to leave his house but he knelt down and was begging me with tears rolling down.

I am very confused and I don’t know what to do. I love him so much and he is the type man I had chosen but now the only problem I have with him is not giving me my share of love in bed because I know he functions so well. He used to hit me four hot rounds every night before he got fed up with me.

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