Kisii Woman Wakes Up to Check Why Her Dog Is Barking at Night, Only to Find Her Husband on Top of It

Tension has seized a village in Mosocho, within the Kitutu Chache constituency, following a distressing discovery made by a wife concerning her husband’s behavior with their female dog during the night.

As detailed in a report lodged at the Mosocho police station, the incident unfolded as the 40-year-old wife lay asleep beside her 60-year-old husband. Suddenly, he arose from bed and ventured outside to investigate the loud barks emanating from their dog.

Concerned by his prolonged absence, the wife, wielding a flashlight, ventured out to ascertain his whereabouts, only to stumble upon a disconcerting scene: her husband engaged in an inappropriate act with their female dog.

“At approximately 1:00 AM, upon hearing their female dog ‘Poster’ barking and whimpering, her husband exited their residence…she swiftly followed to investigate and was met with the shocking sight of her 60-year-old husband involved in an unorthodox interaction with their pet,” a portion of the police statement recounted.

The wife’s horrified screams summoned neighbors to the scene, who arrived promptly to witness the unsettling spectacle before involving law enforcement.

“Her cries attracted additional family members who bore witness to the episode. Subsequently, authorities, including law enforcement and a veterinary officer, were notified and appropriate measures were undertaken,” the statement elaborated.