Joyce Wa Mama, the Mugiithi singer working with Bahati – VIDEO

Secular artist Bahati Kioko has announced that he will be collaborating with Kikuyu Mugithi musician Joyce Wamama on a new music project. The news was shared by Bahati on his Instagram account, where he stated that the collaboration will be released today.

Previously, Bahati had asked his fans to suggest a Kikuyu Mugithi artist they would like to see him collaborate with. The response led to the collaboration with Joyce Wamama.

Joyce is a well-known Kikuyu Mugithi star, known for her sassy voice and music that primarily targets males. She is currently dating seasoned musician Karash, with whom she has previously collaborated on a song. Joyce also has a son with radio personality Munyeki and has previously worked with Samidoh on the song ‘Wendo wi Cama’ (Love is Sweet).

The collaboration between Bahati and Joyce is highly anticipated by fans, and is expected to be a hit.