Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife publicly demands for divorce: “I am tired” -

Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife publicly demands for divorce: “I am tired”

A tempest is brewing within the paradise of Ali Kiba’s marital union, as revealed by recent developments reported on muranganews.

It has come to light that the matrimony between Ali Kiba and his Kenyan spouse Amina, also known as Aileen Alora, is currently hanging by a thread.

This revelation emerged when Amina took to social media not long ago to publicly express her desire for a divorce from Ali Kiba.

Amina candidly expressed her weariness with the charade of marital bliss. (Image source: SDE)

Aileen Alora, Kiba’s wife, unveiled on Wednesday, June 14, that she has initiated divorce proceedings, but the musician has declined to endorse the divorce documents.

In an update shared through Insta-stories and reported by muranganews, Amina recounted her ordeal of enduring a challenging marriage while her husband continued to live his life without restraint.

The mother of two recounted that Ali Kiba’s reluctance to sign the divorce papers stemmed from a desire to maintain his public image despite the turmoil within their relationship.

Amina emphasized that Ali Kiba’s freedom to enjoy life starkly contrasted with her struggles to uphold and safeguard their marriage.

The wife of Ali Kiba brought to light that the singer has been unyielding in his refusal to approve the divorce documents. (Image source: Courtesy)

Addressing Ali Kiba, Amina implored him to release her from the marriage so she could find her own happiness, as she no longer felt like a true “wife” within the relationship.

“I have decided to address this; I believe this has become excessive!! I am weary of enduring public disrespect while people remain unaware of the circumstances surrounding the shadowed life of a married woman. I have departed from your life to avoid pain, abuse, and more. Yet, even today, you are unwilling to grant me a divorce, while you carry on with your actions and keep me confined within the shadow of being a ‘married woman’ (as you claim, to protect your brand). Please, I implore you, SIGN THE PAPERS so that I may attain my divorce and both of us can move forward in freedom. Thank you!” Amina expressed on her Instagram post.

Amina’s revelations hardly took anyone by surprise, as speculation about an impending divorce had been circulating for some time.

Approximately a year ago, Amina relocated from Tanzania back to Mombasa, leading many to believe that her marriage was in jeopardy.

Despite this, both Amina and Ali Kiba dismissed the rumors when she returned to her husband in Tanzania.

Unverified reports had previously suggested that Ali Kiba might be gay, and that his marriage to Amina was a facade to safeguard his public image.

Others claimed that Amina departed from Ali Kiba due to an inability to coexist with his mother and siblings in Tanzania.

It was rumored that the size of Ali Kiba’s extended family had created an overwhelming environment for Amina, although she never confirmed or denied these allegations.