The Kikuyu radio queen of the year is a title awarded to the most talented and accomplished female radio presenter in the Kikuyu community. This award recognizes the hard work and dedication of these women, who are not only talented in their craft but also serve as role models and ambassadors for the Kikuyu culture.


Joy Wa Macharia is a Kenyan presenter where by she used to bring shows in Coro FM which is called mugithi night show. She is a celebrity here in Kenya where by she have a big follower up in her social Media. She have been good to her followers which have led her in having so many fans.

She is also a musician, a comedian and an artist. She love jocking with her fans so much. She used to sing gospel songs and also she used to sing secular songs. Many people knows her as a musician. Her name is Joy Wangari Macharia.

Aunt Jemimah

Wangari wa Nguri alias Aunt Jemimah , is a well-known comedian and Gukena FM radio host. On the radio, she plays a feminist persona who criticizes men for not taking care of their wives. In her internet videos, she portrays a traditional African mother who is constantly severe and doesn’t mince words.

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Those that are unfamiliar with her She was born and raised in the Kikuyu constituency’s Kinoo region. She is the first of three children. She has completed CPA-4 training and is a fully certified accountant. Before becoming what she is today, she worked as an accountant in Nairobi for what she describes as a large corporation. She began with a salary of Ksh 15,000 each month. Jemimah had also dabbled in the theatre before enrolling in college.

Muthoni wa kirumba

Gladys Muthoni alias Muthoni Wa Kirumba is a sensational Kikuyu radio presenter. Wakirumba host changamuka show, a mid morning show at Kameme fm a MediaMax company radio station. It one of the most listened radio show. Muthoni host alongside the most funny kikuyu comedian Muthee Kihenjo.

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Wakirumba was born and raised in Mombasa coastal region in the mid 1980’s. Her father (white) was from Kiambu and her from Nakuru county. They later relocated to Nakuru. Muthoni Wakirumba attended boarding school when she was at standard 2 equivalent to the current grade 2 due to her parents being busy working. In an interview the media personality revealed that she attended many schools due to indiscipline cases.

Muthoni was a bright student and she score 435 marks in her KCPE. She later joined high school where she studied for 1 year before changing to another school. Muthoni always found herself on the wrong side which led to expulsions and suspensions. From being caught with drugs and sneaking out of school. She completed her secondary studies and joined university and did mass communication and journalism

Nyoks wa kata

Nyoks Wa katta is a famous female presenter who is currently working with Royal Media Services on Inooro FM. She hosts a breakfast show alongside Jeff Kuria a show that is aired from Monday to Friday from 6an to 10 am.

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Apart from hosting a breakfast show, she also brings another hot show on air every Friday night by the name Inooro Mugithi night, in this show she hosts artist who comes and performs live.

Nyoks’s real name is Milka Nyokabi Njuguna, she was born and raised in the Subukia constituency in Nakuru county. Nooks have a younger sister whom she keeps posting on her social media platforms whose name is Leah Njuguna and she is a surveyor.

About her career Journey, Nyoks wa Katta was first employed at Coro FM after her college studies where she worked for about 2 decades before moving to Inooro FM.

While still in Coro FM Nyoks met her fiance James Ndegwa alias Katta who is also a radio presenter in Kameme Fm. These 2, Nyoks and Katta had been in marriage for 18 years and they are blessed with 3 children, 2 boys, and a girl.