Cocktail : How Flaqo Snatched Keranta From me. “Alikuwa anatembea na Boxer Pekee”

One of the upcoming content creators, known as Cocktail has  exposed Flaqo and explain how Flaqo Snatched Keranta from him. Cocktail was dating Keranta when all this happened.

How Flaqo Snatched Keranta from Cocktail.

Speaking in a short video, Cocktail said that after Keranta parted ways with Dzaddy Amore. He started dating her and there relationship seems to be steamy. Cocktail decided to shift from Kisumu to Nairobi because Flaqo had promised to sign him and his crew.

So that time Keranta’s cousin was living in the same estate with Flaqo. Therefore When Cocktail moved to Flaqo’s place in Nairobi, they used to meet up with Keranta several times at Flaqo’s home.

How Flaqo started crushing on Keranta.

Flaqo Snatched Keranta

Cocktail said that while they were in the house Keranta. Most times Flaqo used to behave differently. He used to walk with a boxer without a shirt, just to lure Keranta. He sensed but ignored. All over sudden things started changing and Keranta wasn’t feeling him any more.

The day he noticed Flaqo had Snatched Keranta from Him.

Keranta  started behaving differently. So one day he had travelled to Kisumu, then Keranta called him and told him that she is going to Mombasa. That day they didn’t communicate till 10 Pm, when he saw Flaqo taking Keranta to the airport. After few days Flaqo signed Keranta under his label and he cutted off cocktail and his friends (Film stylist).

That is how  Flaqo Snatched Keranta from him and signed Keranta instead of Cocktail and his friends. So Flaqo betrayed there friendship because of Keranta.