I don’t want to ever see you! You are a poor and ugly man and I now have a rich man that will marry me: My wife dumped me after I educated her from high school to university

I am one of those guys that always believed in true love and that was why I fell in love with an uneducated girl whom I had met when I went to visit my mother in the village four years ago. Her name was Carol and I took her up and married her.

Everyone thought I was crazy but I ignored all their opinions and took Carol to high school and after she sat for her national examination, I took a loan from the bank and took her to University of Nairobi for a course in Mathematics and Statistics. I literally took her from nothing to something and in turn, she was such a good wife to me. We had a happy marriage and everyone admired us.

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However, after the completion of her course, Carol started behaving weirdly. She could fail to come home and talk to me rudely and treat me like I didn’t matter. I felt so bad but I hoped we could work our issues through. Things only got worse and with time, she stopped coming home and when her graduation came, she did not even invite me. I went to the graduation party and shouted at me and said she did not want to be with an uneducated and poor man like me.

“What are you doing here? I don’t want to ever see you! You are a poor and ugly man and I now have a rich man that will marry me,” she said. I felt so humiliated and all I wanted was to beat her up for using and dumping me.

I called my mother that evening and I told her what Carol had done to me and she told me not to worry since we would teach her a lesson using Doctor Mugwenu’s spells. I called Doctor Mugwenu at the suggestion of my mother and I told him my story and he asked me to see him the following day.

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I went and he cast a plague spell which he said would make Carol’s life miserable until she sought forgiveness from me. A day later the sister to my wife called me and told me Carol had run mad and was only calling out my name. I went to see her and Daktari reversed the spell and she went on her knees and said she would never repeat what she did again.

Our marriage is now doing well and she always appreciates me for taking her through school.

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How to Win Back Ex

A love spell is a form of mystical practice aimed at influencing emotions and desires to foster or enhance romantic love and attraction between individuals. Rooted in ancient spiritual traditions and beliefs, love spells harness the power of intention and universal energy to create or strengthen bonds of affection and connection.

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In the painful scenario of being rejected and belittled by a spouse, such as hearing hurtful statements like “I don’t want to ever see you! You are a poor and ugly man and I now have a rich man that will marry me,” the desire to win back one’s ex becomes understandable. With the assistance of love spells, individuals can take proactive steps to reclaim lost love and restore harmony in their relationships.

To win back an ex-partner after such a hurtful breakup, it’s essential to first focus on self-healing and personal growth. This involves processing the emotions of rejection and building self-confidence and self-worth.

Next, individuals can consult with practitioners like Mugwenu Doctors, renowned experts in traditional African healing and spiritual practices, to harness the power of love spells. These spells work by influencing the emotions and desires of the targeted individual, awakening feelings of love, attraction, and longing.

Through rituals and invocations guided by Mugwenu Doctors’ expertise, individuals can send positive energy and intentions towards their ex-partner, opening the door to reconciliation and forgiveness. It’s important to approach this process with sincerity, patience, and respect for the free will of the other person.

By utilizing love spells and engaging in self-improvement efforts, individuals can increase their chances of winning back their ex and rebuilding a stronger and more fulfilling relationship. However, it’s crucial to remember that the outcome may vary, and acceptance of the other person’s choices is essential for personal growth and healing.

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