Sad as Kisii Man Publicly Denies His Wife’s 8-Month Pregnancy, Claims Her High School Teacher Impregnated Her

In the Reconciliation Department segment of the Patanisho show, which airs on Radio Jambo, a young woman by the name of Eznah Ingesu (21) hailing from Kisii reached out for assistance in reconciling with her husband, Elias Amose (24). The couple had encountered significant issues leading to their separation in August of the current year.

Eznah shared that their two-year marriage began to unravel when Elias left her in their village to pursue work opportunities in Nairobi, arranged through the intervention of his aunt. Eznah explained, “My husband left me in our rural hometown and relocated to Nairobi. In the meantime, my aunt secured a job for me in the town, working in a shop. I informed Elias’s mother about my newfound employment, and she expressed her approval. At that time, I didn’t have access to a phone.”

She went on to recount, “However, soon after Elias went to Nairobi, he began making accusatory phone calls to my aunt, insinuating that I was involved with another man. This situation led to a strained relationship, and ultimately, I decided to return home. When I attempted to contact him, he refused to engage in any conversation. I am now determined to reconcile with him because I am currently eight months pregnant. I had informed my aunt about my job search because I was pregnant and couldn’t rely on someone in Nairobi who wasn’t providing financial support. I don’t understand why he suspects me of being involved with another man. He wanted me to stay at home, but he wasn’t taking care of our needs.”

Upon Elias’s call to the show, he expressed confusion about Eznah’s whereabouts, claiming he was unaware of her departure. “She didn’t inform me about her decision to leave; I simply realized she was no longer with me. My mother called and informed me that Eznah had left. I reached out to my mother-in-law, who also didn’t have information about her location. Her mother conducted a search across her relatives,” Elias stated.

He went on to explain, “Eznah created a commotion regarding her job, and she refused to provide me with money for her clinic visits. She suggested that if I wanted to return to our hometown, her father could assist me with the clinic expenses. Her father indeed sent me 500 shillings on one occasion.”

Elias further accused his wife of being romantically involved with a man who had been their high school teacher. “I heard that she recently married a teacher who had been her high school instructor. They had a relationship since her second year of high school. When I found Eznah, she was in the company of that teacher, and I even caught them engaged in a conversation.”

He added, “This lady called her to work, explaining that he was a teacher and had been employed by her aunt to care for a child. This lady’s husband had a romantic relationship with Eznah. It’s a complex situation. Initially, Eznah worked as a house help for her, and she was involved with her husband.”

However, Eznah vehemently refuted her partner’s allegations, asserting, “No, I did not have a romantic relationship with him. I became pregnant while in Nairobi, and I desired to go abroad, but Elias insisted that I leave our child with him.”

Elias also disavowed any responsibility for Eznah’s pregnancy and attributed it to the teacher in question. He stated, “I have no connection with her. She should address her concerns with the teacher. I have my own issues to deal with. The pregnancy belongs to the teacher, not me. I have no involvement with her. She even informed me that she had someone else to support her during the pregnancy. I wish them well with the teacher. May they have a prosperous life, and may God bless them.”

Eznah concluded by expressing her enduring love for Elias and her hope for him to return, so they can raise their child together, affirming that the child is indeed his, while urging him to disregard the rumors.