Shock as Man Educates Wife at Machakos University, Organizes a Wedding Only for the Wife to Leave Him for Another Man -

Shock as Man Educates Wife at Machakos University, Organizes a Wedding Only for the Wife to Leave Him for Another Man

During a well-known segment of the popular Radio Jambo show, “Patanisho,” which airs every morning, the spotlight was on a heartfelt plea from Ronny Korir, a 29-year-old resident of Nakuru. Ronny reached out with a request for reconciliation with his former spouse, Mercy Cherotich, who is 27 years old. Their relationship had soured back in 2017, leading to their separation.

Ronny Korir shared the backstory of their relationship, explaining that Mercy had been his pillar of support throughout his four-year university journey. Their story began in 2013 when they first crossed paths, and Mercy willingly took on the responsibility of financing his education until both of them completed their studies and could embark on building a family together.

The exact reasons behind their separation remained somewhat elusive for Ronny. Mercy, who was pursuing her studies at Machakos University at the time, made the decision to part ways in 2017, leaving him in a state of bewilderment. Ronny confessed that he had tried to move on and find a new partner, but it proved futile. His thoughts continually gravitated back to Mercy, making it challenging to form a lasting connection with anyone else.

Furthermore, Ronny disclosed that they had undergone a traditional marriage ceremony together, even though they had not been blessed with children at that point in their journey.

“Our love story was marked by mutual commitment and genuine affection. We entered into a serious relationship, met each other’s families, and enjoyed close bonds,” Ronny recalled. “Mercy frequently visited my home during her time at university, and I diligently covered her school fees, except for the final semester.”

Despite their separation, Ronny’s former partner had ventured into another relationship, which also ultimately ended. Mercy reached out to Ronny, expressing remorse and seeking forgiveness. In response, Ronny proposed that they engage their respective elders in a discussion. He emphasized that he had never actively pursued reconciliation with her due to the pain he had endured. Their history even included a traditional wedding ceremony.

Regrettably, the attempt at reconciliation hit a stumbling block, as Mercy chose to disconnect from communication upon hearing Ronny’s name mentioned.

In light of this, Ronny extended a heartfelt message, saying, “Wherever she may be, I implore her to release me, allowing both of us to move on and lead better lives. Mercy Cherotich, I harbored no ill intentions towards you. I am seeking forgiveness. Please set me free, and in turn, I will release you. Let us both find our paths to happier lives.”