“Wee Mzee Oa sasa!” Jacque Maribe Tells Itumbi To Look For A Wife To Stop Netizens Thinking Its Her

The assumption that Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi share a romantic relationship has persisted despite their consistent assertions to the contrary. Maribe recently took a humorous approach to address these speculations by encouraging Itumbi to find a wife, thereby diverting attention away from their friendship.

Their enduring bond has often been subject to public scrutiny, especially following Itumbi’s heartfelt poem dedicated to Maribe four years ago. This poetic gesture, wherein Itumbi likened Maribe to a blazing fire atop a mountain, sparked widespread speculation about the true nature of their relationship.

Netizens speculated whether their connection extended beyond mere friendship, fueled by the symbolism of Itumbi’s words portraying Maribe as a figure of strength and resilience. The repeated references to fire in the poem metaphorically represented Maribe’s ability to overcome challenges and emerge victorious in various aspects of her life.

Despite the rumors and gossip surrounding their relationship, both Maribe and Itumbi have consistently maintained that their bond is purely platonic. Despite the frequent sightings together that fueled gossip, they’ve adamantly denied any romantic involvement, emphasizing the depth of their friendship and mutual support through life’s ups and downs.