‘I’m not allowed to use male washrooms’ Kinuthia shares his challenges

Tik Tok star Kelvin Kinuthia, who is known for cross-dressing, has recently revealed that he has been refused entry to male restrooms on several occasions. This is because people often mistake him for a woman due to his attire. During an interview with Diana Marua, he shared his experience:

“I bought my clothes from regular stores to make videos. Why not? I went to the village market and wanted to use the men’s restroom. However, the cleaner directed me to the women’s restroom instead. My friend laughed and that’s when the cleaner realized his mistake. I also face difficulties at security checkpoints as most people assume I am a female and ask me to go to the women’s line. One time, I even had to confirm with the cab driver that I was the right person.”

Kinuthia shared his strategy for building his fan base:

“I started with 3,000 followers and after I shared my first video, I gained 3,000 more followers, bringing my total to 6,000 followers. My mother bought me my first iPhone so I could make content.”

He also mentioned that he was approached by a makeup artist who paid him for his first makeup application.

Although his extended family was initially against his cross-dressing, Kinuthia shared that they now support him. He said, “I receive calls from my aunts now, telling me that I am doing a good job. But initially, they were against it.”

Despite facing challenges, Kinuthia loves cross-dressing and making videos. However, he emphasized that he only wears makeup for events or filming and on regular days, he is just Kinuthia.