“Sisi ni kaka na dada”: Diamond announces breakup with Zuchu

Tanzanian singer Zuchu, also known as Zuhura Othman Soud, has surprised fans by announcing that she is single. Zuchu posted a broken heart message on Snapchat, warning fans not to tag her in any of her boyfriend’s posts because she has nothing to do with him.

She also deleted all photos with her alleged boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz. This move is surprising as the two were gushing over each other on Valentine’s Day, and Zuchu even received a love letter from Diamond. In the letter, Diamond professed his love for Zuchu and prayed for her happiness and success.

Zuchu shared her emotions with fans, saying she was crying after receiving the letter. Recently, Diamond introduced Zuchu as his wife during a party to celebrate the birthday of his elder sister Esma Platnumz.