” Dini Inaruhusu Wanne” Fahyma Allows Rayvanny To Marry A 2nd Wife. -

” Dini Inaruhusu Wanne” Fahyma Allows Rayvanny To Marry A 2nd Wife.

Fahyma, the wife of Rayvanny, sparked a wave of discussion on social media when she openly addressed Rayvanny’s potential second marriage. In a candid revelation, Fahyma expressed her deep love for Rayvanny and her willingness to accept him taking another wife.

During an interview, Fahyma, who was planning a surprise birthday celebration for Rayvanny, disclosed that she’s the kind of woman who occasionally checks her husband’s phone. Her primary reason for doing so is to keep tabs on the whereabouts of a potential co-wife. This practice of mutual phone-checking is something they both engage in, and it’s considered a normal aspect of their relationship.

Fahyma also shared her perspective on Rayvanny’s potential second marriage, citing his Islamic faith, which allows men to marry up to four wives. She expressed her readiness to accept such a scenario, emphasizing that it wouldn’t be a violation of their religious beliefs.

In addition to her acceptance of polygamy, Fahyma lavished praise on Rayvanny, commending him for his outstanding character. She emphasized that since they began dating, Rayvanny has consistently treated her with kindness and respect. She described him as a man with a pure heart, deserving of love and admiration.

Rayvanny and Fahyma experienced a period of separation lasting approximately two years before reconciling and reigniting their love. This reconciliation followed a tumultuous breakup between Rayvanny and Paula Kajala. Presently, the couple is basking in the joy of their rekindled love and living as a happy family. They share one child together and remain optimistic about their future together, determined to build a lasting bond.