“I owe no one a flat tummy”- Sarafina Salim.

Sarafina Salim has caused a buzz after comically stating that she owes no one a flat tummy.

Sarafina had rocked a t-shirt which loudly said that so long as earth is not flat, then no one should ask her about her potbelly.

If the earth isn’t flat, then why should my stomach be?

the shirt read.

A majority of her fans were not left behind in reacting to the same with most of them agreeing with her sentiments.

However somee came out saying that potbellies are as a result of poor diet and lack of exercises.

In other news, a man has been arrested after he stabbed his mother to death while fighting with his goat wife.The man was arrested by Niger State police at Zawiyya Tundunwada in the Kontagora.

It is reported that the man was in a fight with his wife when his mother tried to stop the fight which had attracted curious neighbors.He is said to have grabbed a kitchen knife and attempted to stab his wife but unfortunately stabbed the mum who had stepped in too break the fight.

The old lady reportedly died on the spot after bleeding excessively.