Justina Syokau: I Have A Crush On Baba Talisha and I Want Him to Be My Husband,” Anakaa Kukukunja Vizuri”

The renowned Kenyan gospel artist, Justina Syokau, renowned for her controversial nature, has shifted her affections towards a new love interest, the widely recognized Baba Talisha, also known as Faustine Don.

Justina has garnered attention multiple times for expressing admiration and desire for various celebrities, including Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Mandonga, and Ringtone Apoko. Despite facing rejection from them, she persisted, even resorting to taking to the streets with a placard in search of her ideal partner, albeit unsuccessfully.

Her expectations for a partner were perceived as excessively high, with a dowry set at Ksh.2 Billion along with a Diamond ring, which deterred many potential suitors from pursuing her.

Even when Promise, a 22-year-old Kenyan content creator, attempted to court her, Justina Syokau declined his advances. In a viral video, she explicitly stated her desire to marry Baba Talisha, indicating a firm commitment to her newfound affection.

Notably, Justina remains open to dating a younger man, provided he is financially stable and possesses satisfactory skills in bed, as these are her primary criteria in a partner.