Former KTN And NTV Anchor, Lindah Oguttu Now Works In Mjengo PHOTOS

When Lindah Oguttu stepped down from her position as a news anchor at KTN, Kenyans were taken aback. The well-known newscaster, who had been the face of KTN for three years, announced that she was taking a break from the media to lead the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Secretariat.

Her departure from KTN came at a time when Kenya was banned by FIFA, and she was part of the team tasked with finding a solution to the numerous issues facing the country’s sports.

The Standard Group, which owns KTN, decided to let her go due to her full-time employment with the FKF Secretariat conflicting with her role as a journalist and news anchor. The FKF was often in the news for negative reasons, providing the perfect opportunity for the Standard Group to cut costs by dismissing a high-ranking and well-paid anchor.

In recent years, the business has been reducing its workforce by dismissing high-earning personnel in favor of younger and less expensive talent. Lindah was hired from NTV at the peak of the rivalry between KTN and NTV and was paid a six-figure salary.

On her Twitter account, Lindah posted a photo wearing a hard hat, accompanied by the caption: “This is where life has taken me…to construction work. We don’t get lunch money here.” She added, “The hustle is real.”