“I No Longer Miss Them walisema Mimi ni Devil worshipper” Akothee Reveals Relationship With Her Siblings Is At Its Lowest Point

The deteriorating relationship between Akothee and her siblings is becoming increasingly strained over time. Recent online revelations from the singer-turned-entrepreneur indicate that greetings between them have ceased entirely.

In a candid video posted on Wednesday night, January 24, 2024, Akothee expressed how her life has changed since severing all communication with her siblings. Notably, the once close-knit bond between Akothee and her sister, Cebbie Koks, has disintegrated, and they are now on non-speaking terms.

A pivotal moment contributing to this strained relationship occurred when Akothee clashed with Cebbie over conflicting wedding dates. Akothee was initially scheduled to marry Omosh in December, but Cebbie also had plans to marry lawyer Steve Ogolla at the same time. The family sided with Cebbie, prompting Akothee to postpone her wedding to April 10, 2023.

Recalling the experience, Akothee emphasized the vulnerability she felt during that period, stating, “I was alone. That’s the worst feeling in this world full of people, especially after helping almost everyone. It hurts.” She mentioned a significant emotional barrier between her and her brothers and expressed that she doesn’t miss them because she doesn’t miss the problems associated with their relationship.

Despite forgiving her siblings, Akothee clarified that they are not friends, and the once vibrant connection has faded. She explained that setting boundaries was crucial for her peace of mind, as she no longer wishes to endure the pain she went through. Akothee emphasized that, although they share blood and familial ties, the relationship and friendship have effectively dissolved.

In conclusion, Akothee stressed that she is now at peace and has chosen not to dwell on past troubles. She highlighted the significant impact of the rift, acknowledging that she forgave her siblings but chose not to rekindle the relationship due to the fear of being hurt again.