“Nilikuwa Mkubwa zaidi darasani Nilikuwa kimama” Pritty Vishy azungumzia kumaliza sekondari 2022

Kenya’s renowned content creator, Purity Vishenwa, popularly known as Pritty Vishy, has emphasized that she completed her high school education approximately two years ago.

In a post on her Instagram page last Friday, the 22-year-old beauty revealed that she took her KCSE exam in March 2022. She acknowledged that many people express skepticism whenever she mentions finishing secondary school just two years ago.

“I love how people don’t believe me when I say I completed my Form 4 studies in March 2022,” Pritty Vishy said in a caption beneath a throwback video shared on Instagram.

In the video, which she first posted in June 2022, the former girlfriend of singer Stevo Simple Boy expressed her excitement about finishing school.

“So, today I have Chemistry. Next Friday, I’m doing Biology Practical, and then I finish school. It’s the best feeling. Waking up at around ten, going to school, it’s the worst feeling. Yes, Pritty Vishy is a student,” she said in the flashback video.

She went on to talk about how she matured faster in their class and how her mother encouraged her not to give up on her studies.

Indeed, people have previously raised doubts not only about Pritty Vishy’s completion of school but also about her age.

About three months ago, Pritty Vishy celebrated turning 22. Her birthday was on October 3, and for the special occasion, her mother had to return from Saudi Arabia, where she worked as a domestic worker.

The Kibra-born socialite expressed gratitude for her 22 years, sharing videos on her TikTok throughout the week, thanking everyone for her youthful years.

“22 looks good on me already,” she added, “The kid is turning 22 on Tuesday eiii❤️‍���.”

However, fans remained unconvinced that she is 22 years old and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Responding to the teasing comments, she warned people in another video, saying, “Someone tell me I don’t look 22, and I’ll tell you it’s you who gave birth to me������.”