“Landa Ni Sapi Manguys” Bena Wa Malines Response To Being A Deadbeat Dad

Bena wa Malines, a renowned Kenyan content creator, found himself in the midst of controversy as allegations surfaced accusing him of failing as a family man. His wife, Lydia Waithera, disclosed in an interview with Gossip Kenya that Bena has allegedly neglected her and their two children, including a three-month-old baby.

Lydia expressed that before attaining stardom, Bena was a responsible, present, and involved father. However, she lamented that fame had changed him, and he no longer prioritizes their family as he used to.

In response to these accusations, the entertainer defended himself on his social media platforms, cautioning netizens against blindly accepting everything presented by the media. Bena emphasized the mixed nature of online information, acknowledging that some are true, others false, some real, and some scripted. He asserted that while some content creators aim to entertain, others seek attention and engage in character defamation.

Dismissing the claims made by his baby mama, Bena asserted that people often attempt to bring others down, even in the face of hard work and success. He urged his fans not to worry, assuring them that everything was fine and dismissing the negative portrayal created by his baby mama.

With a light-hearted tone, Bena referred to his baby mama’s comments as an attempt to depict him negatively, playfully encouraging his followers to focus on positive aspects by saying, “Landa ni sapii nguys!”

Bena wa Malines gained popularity in 2022 when one of his humorous videos went viral on TikTok, marking the beginning of his ascent to fame. His unique approach to daily interactions and epic sense of humor have kept Kenyans entertained on social media. Despite his humble beginnings, including struggles with not having his own TikTok account, Bena achieved recognition by winning the Pulse TikTok Influencer of the Year Award on October 15, 2022.