“Niko na pesa, niko na kazi” – Jackie Matubia brags about being single & happy -

“Niko na pesa, niko na kazi” – Jackie Matubia brags about being single & happy

Jackie Matubia, a renowned actress, confidently asserts that she has no room for complaints in her life.

In a recent video update, the mother of two playfully employed a popular TikTok audio to express her contentment, emphasizing that nothing is causing her any stress or concern. With a gleam of assurance, she stated, “I’ve got the finances, I’m gainfully employed, and there’s no one betraying my trust.”

However, just a day ago, Jackie found herself compelled to address speculations surrounding her relationship with her baby daddy. These rumors emerged after he shared a photo featuring himself with an unidentified woman standing discreetly behind him. In the image, the woman’s hands covered the eyes of Jackie’s child, Blessing. The ensuing comments from onlookers seemed to suggest that people were delighted by the prospect of the couple reuniting.

The mystery woman’s identity remained shrouded in uncertainty, with the baby daddy captioning the photo, “They say ‘love is blind,’ but I saw my perfect match right here. So, Saturday nights are going to be all about relaxing, with my lady, as we watch @drofweneke and @diana_bahati help more ladies find their Mr. Right. #HelloMrRightKe.” This fueled substantial speculation that the woman in question might indeed be Jackie.

In response to the mounting gossip, Jackie took to the internet to showcase her manicured nails, effectively dispelling any notions of a romantic reconciliation with her former partner. She addressed him directly, accusing him of seeking attention for clout. In her words, she asserted, “Can you even compare these nails to the previous ones? I don’t engage in negative content. Honestly, not even a bouquet of flowers worth 300 shillings can buy me to participate in such content. Spare me from that.”

Jackie Matubia’s unequivocal stance and candid response served to clarify the situation, leaving no room for further speculation about her personal life.